Is It Worth Using Expert Advisor Or Not?

Is it worth using EA or not? Is this the best business on the world? Why is not everyone doing it?

Take a quick look at the answers: if you want to earn money with Forex, then I think it is worth using forex robots, expert advisors if you do not want to sit at your computer all day and get excited whether you have to buy or sell now. I’ve been doing this and I could not keep a single manual trading strategy because of the emotions.

The answer to the second question is no, this is not the world’s best business; there are many good businesses out there, which can make bigger profits in appropriate hands, than Forex does. But since not everyone is aware of these opportunities, or if they know, they do not believe in them, do not dare to start them, therefore does not everyone deal with Forex either!

Of course, this is my opinion. A few years ago I could not imagine that it was possible to achieve a profit up to 100% during one night with options trading. Today I know a few people who have succeeded in this, I have not. At that time I did not know that properties can earn over 100% compared to other types of investment in a short period of time. Not to mention the opportunities that entrepreneurship provides. So, the earning over 100% provided by Forex deals in a year is not unique.

In case of expert advisors you must not think that the previous earnings published on their websites will necessarily be achieved in the future, because they cannot see into the future either.  With an appropriate group of robots, in my opinion, monthly returns of about 50% -100% may be achieved.

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