Running Forex Robots during the Holidays

More and more people ask me, if I am going to run the forex robots during the holidays. Well, the answer is different depending on the robot. Certainly, the demo accounts will run in order to see what happens to the forex robots in this period. The Million Dollar Pips  trades the bigger short-term market movements, so I’m going to run it, maybe with a risk rate decreased to 1%. The WallStreet Forex robot will trade on one or two accounts, but only with minimal lots, just to see how it behaves. For more cautious traders, I would suggest to suspend trading from the 18th until January 6th. I will run Leo Trader Pro , but with smaller lot sizes, because if the developers consider it risky, it will not trade anyway. GridMeUpFx also runs on my live accounts, and I’m going to let it to work on one account during the holidays.


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